Flooring's attention in identifying quality, safety and efficiency as strategic factors for improving its competitiveness and professionalism is demonstrated by certifications that award our management system year by year.


Flooring obtained UNI-EN-ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality, UNI-EN-ISO 45001:2018 certification for Occupational Health and Safety, UNI-EN-ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management System, UNI-EN-ISO 50001:2018 for Energy Management System, FGas for companies dealing with fluorinated greenhouse gases, UNI ISO 37001:2016 for the prevention of bribery/corruption, UNI ISO 21500 2021 for Project Management, SA 8000:2014 for Social Accountability, UNI-PdR 74:2019 for Building Information Modeling, UNI ISO 30415:2021 for Human Resources Management Diversity and Inclusion.





Flooring has implemented an "ANTI-BRIBERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" certified by IMQ-CSQ S.p.A. that is an anti-corruption tool integrated with the others management systems to prevent, detect and address possible violation in relation to the company's activities.


Top management did the following for this purpose:


  • They established a COMPLIANCE FUNCTION (CF), composed of an independent group of professionals responsible for properly supervising and monitoring the company's procedures aimed at countering possible illegal activities
  • They defined an Anti-Corruption Policy 
  • They instituted a "Suspicious activity reporting" procedure to help identify possible violation and take appropriate action



"Suspicious activity reporting"


Flooring established a procedure for reporting any suspicious activity. Any Stakeholder (clients, suppliers, partners, consultants, public entity, etc.) can report suspicious activities or behaviors filling out the reporting form MOD11-04 Whisteblowing you can download here (download PDF).


Once you've entered all the data, you can submit the report form leaving it in a special dedicated mailbox that you can find at the Purchasing Department (Corporate Office: Via San Giovanni de Matha, 95 - Naples, Italy) or sending it by mail (to the attention of the Compliance Function) or emailing it at:



Flooring's top management is committed to ensure that nobody may suffer any retaliation for refusing to participate in illegal act or reporting any matter in good faith.


Flooring has adopted a Code of Ethics. When recruited any employee and associate shall receive proper training on the standards outlined in the Code and any change will require new training sessions for all personnel.


"COE" Code of Ethics